Founders: Adrianne Szabo & Allen (A.J.) Payne

Since her early childhood, Adrianne has always known that helping others find wellness was part of her destiny. Having worked for many years in the corporate world, the unbalanced and stressful environment led her on a path to find her own wellness and balance.

After leaving a career in corporate marketing and communication, she pursued her certification in holistic nutrition and health from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, while also building a 2nd career as a certified Occupational Health and Safety manager.  This took her on an adventure to work on a project in Switzerland, where after 18 months she and her partner A.J. realized they had follow their true passions and returned to Canada.  Today she is one of the active partners at Monkey Tree Fitness & Wellness as club manager, and Monkey Tree Health as the resident colon hydrotherapist.  Adrianne is focused on creating a beautiful and vibrant atmosphere at MTFW and is often found working on new ideas to help the club grow.  She is available to meet with clients to assist them with their wellness needs through nutrition and wellness counselling and runs colon hydrotherapy services for Monkey Tree Health.  

A.J. has been working in the oil and gas and construction industry throughout most of his career.  Life changed when a certain Health and Safety manager captured his heart and offered him the opportunity to follow her to Switzerland.  His journey into the world of holistic health has been fast and furious.  When he is not at his full-time job as a construction project manager, A.J. can be found at the club working his magic on helping to implement the many improvements that are coming. He is also available to provide assistance to guests and members if needed.     

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Partner: Monkey Tree Health Inc.

Colon hydrotherapy is a unique cleansing technique that helps the clients gently and safely evacuate the contents of their large intestine of excessive waste for the purpose of preparing for medical procedures such as a colonoscopy. It can also help improve the function of the digestive system and alleviate existing ailments.

Using the Angel of Water system, we offer clients a professional, safe, private and gentle experience that helps eliminate common ailments such as allergies, auto-immune disorders and much more.

Our facility is one of the few wheelchair accessible colon hydrotherapy facilities in the GTA.

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At Physiomed, we don’t believe that pain, injuries, and chronic conditions should keep you from enjoying life. Whatever health challenges you want to overcome, and whatever health goals you want to achieve, Physiomed can help.

Dr. Shaikh and his team offer clients a wide range of services from chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage and naturopathy.

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