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Experience Colon Hydrotherapy on a different level

You brush your teeth, bath your body, why not clean your colon? Much like the hoses and lines in your vehicle or pipes in your home, when not properly maintained on a regular basis, sludge and waste builds up and clogs the passage ways, which can lead to serious problems.  Over time, the body experiences similar clogging and build-up issues. The small and large intestines are where all the nutrients from our food gets absorbed. The clearer the colon, the easier it is for the body to absorb these nutrients.

The Angel of Water system is class II medical device that assists in evacuating the contents of the bowels.

This system bring simplicity and dignity to colon hydrotherapy. With a gravity-fed open design, the Angel of Water system is a premier system that is a first choice for hospitals and clinics around the world. Whether used prior to endoscopic or radiological exam, as a preoperative preparatory procedure, or for preventative maintenance programs, the Angel of Water is the safest, simplest and most effective solution for colon irrigation.

The device contains a built-in advanced UV filtration system, ensuring the water entering the body is clean. We also use single-use sterile rectal nozzles and follow a multi-stage sanitation protocol with EPA registered disinfectants leaves no danger of contamination.

Our practitioners are certified holistic nutrition and wellness practitioners, trained in colon hydrotherapy. Each client’s therapy is tailored to their individual needs and our team’s objective is to take a holistic perspective on recommendations for nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes.

Our facility is wheelchair accessible. *Any clients who require additional assistance to get onto the device will be required to be accompanied by an assistant to help them get positioned and assist with insertion. The practitioner is not able to lift patients.

Our hours of operation are flexible to suit your schedule

Monday to Friday 10AM to 7PM

Saturday 9AM to 12PM

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