$65 Introductory special for new clients.

Digestive system feeling a bit sluggish?

Colon need a bit of a kick start?

Try colon hydrotherapy to help evacuate the contents of your bowels so that you can start your journey to a healthier you.

Our introductory colon hydrotherapy offer will give you a chance to try a session and see for yourself how incorporating this simple procedure into your monthly routine can make all the different in your digestive health.

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There are many out there who believe our colons are working just fine on their own and don’t need any external help. If this were true, we would all be in perfect health, with no extra pounds weighing us down, no allergies and illnesses to keep us from living our best lives.

We all know that due to the lack of nutrients in our foods (think of how far your food traveled to get to your table), the toxins in our environment and the stress in our lives, our bodies need to work extra hard to function and be healthy.

There are so many ways to support your digestive system, from the food and supplements we eat, and the water we drink, to the energy we surround ourselves with and emit. These are all important elements to focus on.

But why not give your colon a bit of a boost and give it a good wash every once in while.

Try our open system colon hydrotherapy with the Angel of Water system. This is a private, hygienic, safe and non-invasive method to help gently clear out the contents from your bowel. The benefits are endless.